Rapid Ned

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Rapid Ned had always been an exceptional Greyhound.
From the moment he set paw on the racetrack, it was clear that he had an uncanny gift for speed.
His sleek, white and black coat glistened in the sun as he effortlessly glided across the training track, leaving his trainers in awe.
But there was one track that Ned had always dreamt of, Wentworth Park.
Wentworth Park is the pinnacle of Greyhound racing in the country.
The track’s reputation was legendary, and only the best of the best were invited to compete there.
For Rapid Ned, that invitation finally arrived on Wednesday.
Ned’s trainers, Andy and Jodie, had been preparing him for this moment for months.
They knew he had the talent, but the competition at Wentworth Park was fierce.
The other Greyhounds in the lineup were future champions in their own right, and Ned was a new kid on the block.
The day of the race arrived, and the excitement at the track was palpable. The grandstands were packed with enthusiastic fans who had come to witness the magic of Wentworth Park. Ned, however, remained calm. His trainers had instilled in him a sense of confidence that bordered on arrogance.
As the race began, 50 meters in Ned felt a surge of pain in his back leg and that injury stopped his dreams in its tracks.
Ned’s first run at Wentworth Park had been a big disappointment but he won’t give up.
Ned knows Andi and Jodie will nurse him to a full recovery and the next time he races we will see the real Ned.

Winners Are Grinners!
PS: He is now with Magic Mike (The Muscle Man)

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